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Vans & Trucks Club of Finland, welcome to our homepage

founded in 1984 is a national association, whose main purpose is to spread and maintain the idea about Vanning & Trucking in the whole country!

We are celebrating our 35th Anniversary from 4th to 7th of July in Somero, Hovimäki Camping

Our vehicles
consists of miscellaneous vehicles! Thera are lots of americans, but also europeans and even some japanese! There are Chevy's, Ford's, Dodge's, Bedford's and Toyotas, all mixed up nicely! 

of members is established around 400 and their age is "from babies to grandparents". Most of our members have families, who participate meetings whit whole family! Nowadays there are some even third generation vanners with us!

We are
in contact with foreign vannin clubs alla around the globe and visit their meetings every year!

we have over 10 meetings around Finland from south to Lappland and thera are many vanners who try to participate all meetings around Finland.

We publish
at least 4 times in year club-magazine where is information of our meetings, reports from meetings and etc.

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Vannin links
- Vannin Com
- Nordic Van Council

Shipping companies

Viking Line
Eckerö Line
FinnLines (from Germany to Finland)